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At Green Fertigation, we specialize in irrigation design and installation. Whether you are building a new facility that is fully automated, or are looking to optimize your existing grow; we have a full spectrum of services to suit your needs and help you accomplish your end goals. Call 1.888.234.GROW (4769) or email us at today to find out more about how we can help you maximize production, increase product quality, reduce risk, and streamline your approach to growing the highest quality cannabis



Do it right or do it twice; a top-tier commercial production facility begins with a fully integrated approach.


Maximize your canopy with single table and multi tiered racking systems. 


Consistently deliver your unique recipe by supplying accurate quantities of water and nutrients  to each individual plant without wasting water or nutrients. 


By offering industry experience, we can help you build reliable systems that will generate a highly desirable product.


Control all of your cultivation systems including fertigation, climate, lighting and CO2 delivery on your mobile device.


We are ready, willing and able to bring your vision into reality. Your success is our success; let's grow together!

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"Assisting clients in achieving optimal yields and increased quality by helping them find, understand, and implement the best fertigation systems for their gardening and budgetary needs. "

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At Green Fertigation, we are cultivating a culture of personal, professional and purposeful growth. Call it a family. Call it a team. Call it a dream. We’re calling it an invitation, to YOU, to grow with us. We believe in the inherent potential of each program and product we offer, and the infinite potential of each person and seed. Our mission is to help you fulfill yours. You pick the destination; we’ll provide the vehicle. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Get on board and Let’s Grow! 1-888-234-GROW (4769)

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